August 8, 2022

Business WebsiteA business website is one of the online marketing tools that are still popular and plays an important role today. A site is like a store that can display all products in one place with more descriptions than other online selling tools.

Usually, this existence will satisfy visitors’ curiosity about a product. However, visitors to a site will not suddenly come without being promoted beforehand. That is, promoting a website is a part that should not be missed when you want to do online marketing.

There are many ways you can do to promote your website easily and quickly. Below are some clever tricks you can do to promote your site in 10 minutes.

Email Broadcast

Do you have a database of customer email addresses? If the answer is yes, then this can be one of the advantages that you can use to promote or broadcast messages to all email customers about business websites.

Giving announcements via email, apart from appearing more personal, is usually considered more capable of bringing traffic or visits to the website.

This is because the customer has already bought or knows the goods or products that you have.

In addition to notifications about business websites, you can also insert important information about special promos or special discounts that customers can get through the website, thus encouraging customers to open them.

Promotion Using Marketplace

A marketplace is a place of sale that is currently widely used by the general public to make purchases.

Promoting a website through the marketplace is the right step that can bring in consumers who already know about your business products.

Include the site address when promoting in a marketplace. So that visitors who come, in addition to buying products, also visit your site.

Insert Brochure Or Flyer When Sending Goods

If you have a business with physical products that you sell in retail stores or ship to customers. There are marketing tactics that are still (even) very underused by other businesses that you can take advantage of.

When launching a new website, you can insert flyers or brochures on the goods you ship. Where you can add the website address on the brochure or flyer that you will send.

You can also give a small announcement in the flyer or brochure section. That your business now has a website that can be a medium for them to find information about your products quickly.

Promote Through Social Media

Who doesn’t use social media these days? Almost everyone is connected through social media, including companies.

Currently, if a company wants to promote a website, then spreading messages through social media is considered very appropriate and efficient considering the high community interaction in it.

Use social media as a medium for practical thinking, where an attractive product description and short caption will attract customer curiosity to visit your company’s website.

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have a feature called custom audiences that allows you to upload your email list to Facebook and there the emails will be matched against your Facebook account.

You can use custom audiences to announce the launch of your new website to people who already know the brand.

In addition to informing loyal customers about the launch of the website. Facebook Ads can also influence and attract customer attention from business competitors. Because advertisements and notifications through Facebook ads can be displayed in general through the same category.