August 8, 2022

Business MarketingThe franchise business is currently growing very rapidly, so, commonly, the competition in it is quite fierce. Want to know what are the right strategies to increase franchise business marketing? Let’s take a look at this article!

Although this business is growing very rapidly and has fierce competition, the business opportunity is still quite wide as long as you know how to use the right marketing strategy.

What is a Franchise Business?

Franchise business is one form of business that many entrepreneurs glance at today, both beginners and experienced businessmen.

This franchise business concept allows someone who has material capital but is less experienced in building his own business to own a business.

By buying a franchise from a well-known trademark.

But many people are still hesitant to start this franchise business, for various reasons. Some are afraid of losing, some feel incapable and afraid of going bankrupt.

Therefore you need to implement some of the right strategies for your franchise business.

Strategy to Improve Franchise Business Marketing to Get Maximum Profit

The following are tips for you so that your franchise business can generate maximum profits.

Do Market Identification

Entrepreneurs must know who will be the initial sales target of the product. Market identification is done so that franchise business sales are right on target.

Identify a very high market demand in a region. Know the trends that are happening in society today and what the opportunities are in the future.

By carrying out a market identification strategy, a franchise business that you have will be by market needs so that there is minimal risk of loss and course has the opportunity to improve marketing.

Get to know the Brand, Fee Terms, and Franchise System

When choosing a franchise, the most important point to consider is the distribution of fees. Each franchisor has its own rules in terms of fee distribution.

In order not to feel disadvantaged in the future, you should be more careful in studying the fee-sharing system. Also study, indications or the possibility of the franchisor changing its policies in the future, because usually,

The franchisor will evaluate the royalty distribution policy. In essence, research before deciding to choose the type of franchise that you will later live in.

Strategic location

The next strategy you can do to improve franchise business marketing is clear, choosing a strategic location can bring in more consumers. Although it doesn’t always have to be in the mall or other public places.

You can choose a busy location, and of course according to the target market.

Try to look carefully at the target market in several places such as offices, campuses, markets, to hospitals.

Not only are being able to reach more consumers, but a strategic location can also increase sales, so the turnover you get will be even greater.

Ensure Franchise Business License

The next point to consider is business licenses. Make sure the business license owned by the business is clear and the products produced can be accounted for.

Do not let you choose the wrong one so that the business you are developing must go out of business because of legal problems. Therefore, a business license is one of the most important points in this franchise business.

Choose the Franchise Most Consumers Are Looking For

If a type of product or item is liked by many people, of course, it is good for your business.

The franchise business that is most sought after by consumers today is a culinary franchise business.

Almost in every corner of the city, there must be this culinary business.

You also have to do a survey or observation by looking directly at the franchise business strategy that you are going to run.

Employee Training and Product Quality

You must always pay attention to the quality and quality of the franchise produced by the standards set by the franchisor.

In addition, provide guidance and supervision to your employees. So that the quality of your franchise products is maintained. Because these two points are very important for the sustainability of your franchise business.

Many things affect business and influence consumers to consume an item.

Most consumers don’t care about price anymore because quality is now the most important thing. Because quality will be known through a brand that has been recognized by a society or community.

Therefore, the franchise business is very popular in Indonesia.

In addition to the points above, you also need the right bookkeeping application such as a Journal, to make it easier for you to control the financial management of this franchise business.

Have a Character Brand

Business competition is always there and cannot be avoided. To win a competition in the franchise business, you must have a unique or distinctive character, namely a branding strategy.

Have a brand name that is unique and easy to remember. Provide packaging that has an attractive appearance, so that consumers who see it are immediately interested in buying it.

By having a unique and characterized brand, indirectly, you are also helping consumers to remember the branding better which can have an impact on increasing your business sales.

Advertise Effectively

Currently, there are many media to advertise both offline and online.

Get to know some effective advertising media that have a wider marketing reach with a budget that doesn’t drain your business cash too much.

Use all media information tools both online and offline to increase the visibility potential of your product.

Provide Optimal & Responsive Service

A service will determine the level of satisfaction of a customer.

If you want your business to win the market competition despite having similar products, then optimal and responsive service is one way.

With an optimal service, customers will feel satisfied, highly prioritized, and have closeness so they will not hesitate to refer your business to others.

Of course, this is a very positive and profitable thing, because it can indirectly help market your product.

Use Testimonials

Usually, if the company connects directly with consumers through social media and other online media, they can ask about consumers’ impressions after using the products they sell.

If the consumer’s response is good and they are satisfied with the use of the product, then the company can use the testimonial as a campaign or advertisement for the product being sold.

Testimonials will be useful to convince other potential buyers who still don’t know the product so that it can be used as the perfect franchise business marketing strategy.

Consistent Evaluation & Innovation

The final step to improving franchise business marketing is to conduct evaluation and innovation strategies.

Innovation and evaluation will be very necessary considering the business must always run and must not stagnate so as not to lag behind its competitors.

Make regular evaluations at least once a week to ensure that nothing deviates from the business plan.

From the results of an evaluation, you can innovate if a problem or quality decline is found so that product marketing continues to improve and does not experience a setback.