August 8, 2022

Business MarketingOpening a laundry business can be quite profitable. To increase the chances of this business, you must have a strong business marketing plan. And within any of these business plans, it is important to include an effective marketing strategy.

The laundry business in Indonesia began to be loved in the early 2000s and is growing until now. Given the increasing consumer needs among workers or students, this business seems to never die.

With the increasing number of competitors in this business, you have to be creative. Especially in designing your laundry business marketing strategy.

Determine Your Laundry Business Type

Along with the development of the laundry business, this type of business itself also develops. Therefore you also need a marketing strategy, a creative, strong, and effective laundry business marketing strategy. In general, the type of laundry business that is widely used is the conventional laundry business.

This business is engaged in offering laundry services to consumers. The customer hands over the clothes they want to wash and your employees work on them until the laundry is clean, dry, and neatly folded.

However, nowadays there are modern types of laundry businesses that provide self-service options to consumers and apply a special currency of exchange in the form of coins or cards.

This type of laundry business is commonly called Laundry Coin or Laundry Self-Service. Of course, the choice of the type of laundry business is also closely related to determining the marketing strategy. You can make packages at different prices based on the type of clothing.

Or if you choose a modern laundry business, for example:

Laundry Self-Service, where you can create laundry packages based on the size or type of the washing machine. The use of the dryer and the use of the hot water feature when consumers use the washing machine.

Don’t forget to also give discounts at certain periods to attract your customers as a marketing strategy implementation, a creative, strong, and effective laundry business marketing strategy.

Promote and package them attractively on social media or your website.

Define Target Customers More Specifically When Creating Marketing Strategies, Creative, Strong,, and Effective Laundry Business Marketing Strategies

Unlike other businesses, the scope of the laundry business’s target customers is somewhat narrower. People who do not have a set of washing machines and time to wash their clothes are easy targets for laundry business marketing targets.

Usually, these characteristics or characteristics fall on employees or students who tend to live in temporary housing. Like boarding houses or rented houses, where most people who live there don’t have much free time because of their various activities.

This is important for determining the price that you will promote to your target customers as a marketing strategy implementation, a creative, strong, and effective laundry marketing strategy.

For example, you could give special discounts to students whose income levels are less likely to be as high as the employees in your marketing efforts.

Promote Additional Services at the Laundry

Make sure your laundry business looks different from its competitors. Especially if you run a modern laundry business. You can add features that pamper your customers while they wait for the clothes to finish washing.

Features such as WiFi, modern massage equipment, or TV with premium programming can be unique and interesting to include in your marketing materials.

This is a marketing strategy, a creative, strong,g and effective laundry business marketing strategy to be implemented. So it is hoped that prospective customers will feel comfortable and flock to your modern laundry place. However, these features will certainly increase your fixed costs such as electricity and internet costs.

It is necessary to adjust the budget with your sales package so that you can still get a profit. In the end, by implementing a marketing strategy, this creative, strong, and effective laundry business marketing strategy is expected to bring in more customers.

Always upload and update various packages and additional features that you will offer to customers through social media. Or other media that you use as a marketing instrument to maintain the existence of your laundry business.

Furthermore, don’t forget to always monitor the recording of transactions and financial reporting of your laundry business, which of course you can do online and in real-time.