August 8, 2022

Marketing Strategy While marketing is one of the strategies of a business whose goal is to find, get and retain consumers so that they can still dominate the market. So buzz marketing is one of the marketing strategy using viral products or services so that more people are known to get greater profits.

How Does Buzz Marketing Happen?

Buzz marketing cannot happen by itself, there must be a technique used to create it.

The main key is whether the product or service that you have can attract consumers so that many people talk about it? That’s more or less the main key to creating a buzz marketing strategy.

Buzz marketing can occur from the products or services that you have. This means that you have different products or services and none of them are the same, have their uniqueness, and are good in terms of products or services so that many people are interested.

To be able to do buzz marketing on mediocre products or services, of course, will be more difficult.

Because no value can be sold to make it viral among the public.

Apart from the product, to be able to do buzz marketing, you can also use the marketing method.

Where you must create an attractive marketing strategy so that many people will see it and your product can be known in all circles.

There must be different results in the marketing of products or services that are mediocre, people will be lazier to see them.

But you need to know that all of the buzz marketing techniques have advantages and disadvantages.

Below we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of buzz marketing.

Advantages of Buzz Marketing

a. The costs incurred to create buzz marketing are relatively cheap.

b. Buzz marketing makes it easier to raise a brand name.

c. Buzz marketing makes a product or service easier for people to recognize, so sales can increase.

d. With the Internet, buzz marketing is easier.

Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing

a. Buzz marketing still relies on triggers or triggers to go viral.

b. It is difficult to control whether the ads are on target or not.

c. Need to do some tests so that the ad can go viral in the community.

Thus a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of sales techniques with buzz marketing strategies. But it should be noted that if you use buzz marketing techniques to explode sales.

Then you also have to balance it with the product or service being sold, it must be good, don’t let it become viral and then the product or service you sell is bad.

Then the bad news about your product will also easily spread so that your business reputation becomes bad.

In addition, to run buzz marketing, you also need to see and manage your business finances. To make it easier for you to manage business finances, you can use financial application software.