August 8, 2022

Culinary BusinessHaving a business in the food sector that continues to grow from time to time is the main goal of every culinary business person. One of the factors causing the slow or fast development of your business is greatly influenced by the marketing strategy used.

To get optimal marketing results, then you need to develop an effective strategy. Below we will describe the 4 stages in developing an effective marketing strategy for the culinary business

Do a SWOT Analysis


  • What unique food products will you create.
  • Do you have product standardization.
  • Is the technology you use to produce a better quality product than competitors.
  • Do you have a fast and accurate information technology system?
  • Do you have reliable human resources?
  • Do you have a reference source for quality raw materials at low prices?
  • Are you able to sell your product better than your competitors?
  • Are you able to perform cost efficiency in all lines of business departments?


If the answer to the question in the opportunity column above is no, then categorize it as your weakness. Try to find out if your competitors are doing something better, and whether you can improve it, or if you can do better than them.


  • Get to know what food products are currently trending.
  • Know the opportunities for certain types of food products that you can develop.
  • Take advantage of market opportunities that have not been exploited by competitors.


  • Get to know the management and technology you use, whether they have standardization and can adapt to the times or not.
  • Is your financial ability able to support all the business activities you plan.

Integrate Marketing Mix

Integrate the important elements of marketing into a single entity that you can control to increase sales, consisting of product, price, place, and promotion.

The culinary business is experiencing quite fierce competition. Those who can produce quality products, competitive prices, effective distribution channels, and reliable marketing strategies can only reach consumers.

Choose the Right Promotional Media

Entering the advancement of the digitalization era, effective marketing strategies have begun to penetrate the field of social media. There are many social media that you can use for free. Choose the one that suits your culinary business.

For example, if you are engaged in healthy food, maybe your culinary business can join many diet groups on various social media, or if you are a special food service provider for children and babies, then you can join a parenting group.

By choosing the right promotional media, your business marketing will be effective and save costs.

Apply Optimal Service

Having loyal customers is an advantage for your culinary business. Create a harmonious relationship with all our customers.

Get in the habit of establishing relationships through newsletters or emails with your customers. Create an open channel to accommodate their aspirations about products and services.

Once in a while, send out promotions to introduce new food product variants to customers to try. By having good interactions with customers, your culinary business has established a harmonious relationship as a marketing strategy.

From the 4 stages of the marketing strategy above, you can judge that before you start a plan to market a product, you must have a fairly good financial calculation.

To make the right business plan, you must look at the numbers on the business financial statements.