August 8, 2022

Product BrandingHere are some ways that you can use to build your product branding so that it is easily recognizable. What brand of watch are you currently wearing; Rolex, Seiko, Philips, Willian 1985, Casio, or another brand that is not yet well known?

If it was given free of charge would you prefer to wear a watch with the Rolex brand or another, not a well-known brand? Everyone will certainly answer to choosing to use Rolex brand watches. Yes, it is a natural thing, considering that Rolex is a well-known brand.

Branding is everything related to the company, products, services, and everything related to company.

This is what you have to strive for so that your brand is known to many people. So people always remember your brand when they need something.

Unfortunately building a brand so that it can be known by many people is not easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult.

The reason is that for a brand to be well known to the public, it takes quite a long time. In addition, you also need to do something to reach potential customers effectively.

Creating Ads For Build Product Branding

Advertising is an effective way to do branding so that your product is known to many people. For large companies, creating and placing ads is easy.

However, for small companies or SMEs, it may be a burden because they have to add a fairly high marketing cost.

But don’t worry, now you can take advantage of digital advertising. Digital advertising has a fairly affordable cost and some are even free.

So that marketing costs can be kept to a minimum. Digital advertising also has a potential market share because as we know that social media users are increasing day by day, it is estimated that the number exceeds 3 billion people.

Of course, this is an efficient and effective thing to increase your product branding so that it is known to many people.

Participate in Events, Exhibitions, or Bazaars 

In addition to creating and placing advertisements. You can also participate in activities such as exhibitions or bazaars to make the brand of your product known.

Choose and customize the exhibition or bazaar to be followed by your line of business.

For example, if your business is in the field of Muslim clothing, then you can take part in exhibitions or bazaars such as the Islamic fair, or for example, your business field is in food. Then you can take part in a kind of archipelago culinary festival and other examples.

In the activity there will be a stand, you can choose a strategic stand and decorate it attractively, of course, try to match your product brand.

Thus, visitors will be interested and the popularity of the brand or product becomes famous.

Provide Added Value Besides Selling Products

In shaping the image of a brand, it’s good if the content created can build a relationship between consumers and your business.

That is, don’t just create content that contains products and buy and sell products. But also contain educational values ​​or other values ​​that can increase the positive image of your brand.

For example, sometimes you can share posts that have religious value, advice, encouraging quotes, and so on. This will make the relationship stronger and longer.

Take a Consumer-Centric Point of View

Your sales are a result of consumer needs so that consumers are looking for your brand or brand and then take a consumer-centric point of view.

Understand the needs and wants of consumers where consumers can make your brand number 1 in their minds. In addition, you can also provide good service socially.

Because according to the Aberdeen Group, businesses that provide social services have greater business growth than businesses that do not implement social services.

Remember that there are many competitors in the market so you have to win the hearts of consumers.

It will be very easy for consumers to choose a brand other than your brand. Therefore change your view from producer centric to consumer-centric.

The branding process is not an instant thing but if you do it seriously the impact is so big that is brand awareness where your product brand becomes known to the public and your business becomes more successful.