August 8, 2022

Business DevelopmentTeam building is a group of people who work together for a common goal. In a team, everyone has their task where these tasks are interrelated to achieve a goal. In running a business, the team is one of the important foundations that you must manage well. A team has an important role in business development.

Where, if the team you have is less than optimal and cannot work together, then business development will experience obstacles and obstacles. Meanwhile, if your team is solid and able to work well together, the business will have a great opportunity to continue to grow and survive in the face of business competition.

Below, you can follow some tips on building a good and solid team for business development.

Choose Qualified Members

Not only must the product be of good quality, but the team members must also have good quality.

Start selecting quality team members such as a team leader who has a good leadership spirit, and a management team with a broad business view, and creative ideas.

An implementation team that has the expertise and knowledge of the business, or a marketing team that can promote the business with the right strategy. That way, all the teams that you form can support each other and work together to achieve a business goal.

Set Common Goals

Before starting work, all team members need to know what goals they want to achieve.

Richard Spoon in his book entitled Team Renaissance: The Art, Science, and Politics of Great Teams explain that without a clear direction and measure of success for a team in achieving its goals, it is impossible to assemble a team to work on it.

By setting goals, all team members can be more responsible and can work together to achieve a common goal. This method can also motivate team members to coordinate with each other and carry out their respective roles.

Define Each Role

After knowing the goals to be achieved, the next step is to determine the role of each team member. As a business owner, you must know the skills and mindset of each team member.

That way, you can more easily determine the roles of all team members that you have. For example, when you want to make a promotion in digital media.

Then you need a marketing team that has many connections in digital media and understands what materials are suitable for use in the promotional media.

Work Efficiently

When all team members know their respective roles to achieve a common goal, the next step is to do the job in the best possible way.

At this stage, try to see the workflow, the resources you have, and what the team needs to execute their respective jobs. For example, the marketing team needs a budget to promote the business to TV media. Your job here is to support all the needs of the team to achieve a common goal.

Create Togetherness & Trust 

These two things are the main keys to building a solid team in achieving common goals. To create both of these, try to share with your teammates in good times and bad.

To create mutual trust and togetherness, you can encourage team members to care for each other and work together towards a common goal. You can also invite the team to go out of the office together just to watch or eat together. This can make the team closer and also solid at work.

Those are the five tips you can follow to build a solid team in a business. With a solid team, business development can grow easily.

Because the team is one of the foundations that can drive the progress and development of a business. After strengthening team members, you must also strengthen the financial position of the business.

With stable and strong finances, businesses can more easily develop and survive many business competitions. To see the financial position of a business, you can start making financial reports.

With the right financial reports, you can easily see the company’s financial condition so that it can help you grow your business. Journals are online accounting software that can assist in making company financial reports easily, quickly, and safely.